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Gym Equipment Sale

Gym Equipment On Sale for the month. Save up to 20% on selected pieces of gym equipment each month. Terms and conditions apply.

High-End Commercial Strength Equipment Manufactured in South Africa.

Gym Equipment ON SALE till the 31st of March 2019

All prices are INCLUSIVE OF VAT. (South Africa)

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  • Two station boxing stand with arm pieces to hold a speedball station, and a punch bag or floor to ceiling ball.

  • Free Standing Multi Purpose Bench. Used for heavy duty lifting. Can support well over 500kg of weight.

  • Firms and develops thighs, hips, and gluteal muscles. Three conveniently situated release levels and safety stops. Main safety: carriage must be lifted before weight can be released. Adjustable backrest enhances comfort and promotes variable training. Two loading bars (25mm or 50mm diameter) and four storage sleeves.

  • Heavy Duty High Performance Power Rack with platform and heavy duty multi-purpose bench.

    • Heavy Duty Power Rack

    WAS R 53,820.00  NOW R 43,056.00 Incl. VAT

    • Power Rack Platform

    R 16,790.00 

    • Heavy Duty Power Rack with Platform and Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Bench

    WAS R 78,545.00  NOW R 70,690.50 Incl. VAT


  • Lat Pulldown improves posture and develops upper back. Adjustable seat with fixed thigh restraints.

  • 2 Tier Square Dumbbell Rack accommodates up to 10 pairs of dumbbells. Tiers angled for comfort with rubber saddles for excellent weight support.

  • Sissy Squat for effective isolation of the quadriceps. Leg rest adjustable with user friendly pull pin, to ensure comfort and stability during exercise. Heavy duty steel construction.

  • Incline hyper extension for back extensions at a 45 degree incline. The lower roller support provides stabilisation throughout the exercise.

  • Roman chair for use in strengthening and firming abdominal muscles.

  • Incline bench (90 degree bench) with footrest. Footrest provides stability during exercise. Angled seat position ensures comfort.


Why choose zest fitness?

Flexibility in design and manufacture of gym equipment to meet individual's needs. Gym Equipment Repairs, Refurbishment and Customisation. Commitment to after-sales service and supply of Hand-built fitness equipment with attention to detail and excellent workmanship. Made In South Africa.


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