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Zest Fitness offers a selection of boxing equipment such as wall mounted boxing brackets, boxing stations and boxing accessories aimed at the Professional and Amateur Boxers, as well as those men and women just keen to get fit through boxing training. Boxing improves the cardiovascular and endurance fitness of its participants by providing a high intensity, calorie-burning routine that promotes optimal fitness.

Why start Boxing?

  • It will make you tough, physically and mentally
  • You’ll get fit and it will give you the ability to defend yourself
  • It’s fun, sparring and training with friends
*Goods not listed, may be available please enquire info@zestfitness.com

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  • Different double end bag drills develop higher level boxing skills, timing, rhythm, punch accuracy, punch combinations, hand speed, boxing defence, and footwork. Also known as the crazy bag or the floor-to-ceiling bag.

  • Damascus 50kg Strike Punch Bag suitable for beginner and highly skilled heavy hitting. Heavy Duty Bag with a unique strike pattern.

  • Pearball shaped Boxing Speed Ball for stroke training. The super fast design, ensures rapid rebounds.

  • Leather Skipping Rope for boxing training. With foam handles and high speed bearings.

    Skipping not only burns calories, it also builds stamina, flexibility and co-ordination.

  • Hand crafted gloves are constructed with premium leather and injection moulded high density foam. Ergonomically designed for maximum striking power and precision with optimal support.

  • Fixed wall mounted boxing bracket. A boxing training accessory to mount your boxing punch bag. Excludes boxing punch bag.

  • Swivel wall mounted boxing bracket. Mount boxing punch bag onto your wall. For easy storage boxing punch bag can swivel out of the way. Excludes boxing punch bag.