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Cardio Equipment

Zest Fitness offers high-end commercial cardio equipment that is affordable and durable.


Zest Fitness has aligned itself with a like minded cardio brand allowing high quality strength equipment to be paired with proven, high quality cardio equipment.

Cardio Equipment In Stock [Limited supply] 


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  • MBH Spinning Bike M5807 is ergonomically designed, to allow the user to adjust both the seat and the handlebars for maximum comfort.

  • RM03 Water Rower is designed and manufactured with the sole movement of rowing in mind. High quality and durable finish.

  • Luxury Home Treadmill:

    • Smooth and natural walking or running stride.
    • External hand rails and climb mode function.
    • Wide running surface
    • Designed for home use
  • M7808U Upright bike, maximum comfort and ease of use with a highly ergonomic design to encourage proper form during the workout. With LCD display.

  • M7808R Recumbent Bike is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort during a workout. The reclined seat position of recumbent bikes make it easier for the user to exercise for extended periods without straining the back and the buttocks.

    LCD Screen displays your workout statistics including resistance, speed, time, and heart rate.

  • MBH Fitness Elliptical M-8809EL machines provide a natural, low-impact stride, so users can work out longer and harder, with LCD Display.

  • The PN5000 LED Commercial Treadmill is a powerful but modest looking treadmill with excellent performance and notable durability. Well suited for corporate and commercial use.