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Commercial Imports

Commercial Gym Equipment for commercial enterprises, corporate facilities, hotels, estates and home gyms.

Please be aware, we do not carry stock. Orders are placed and shipped directly from China. Goods are then, delivered and installed throughout South Africa, and Abroad.


For goods that are made in South Africa, please view Zest Fitness Strength Range.


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  • H036 flat bench. Robust design but easily moveable. Extra stability. High quality steel construction.

  • H 038 Incline bench with footrest (Utility Bench). The footrest provides stability during exercise. Fixed seat position ensures comfort during exercise.

  • Multi Adjustable Bench. Robust unit. User friendly adjustment for the backrest.

  • H 040 Seated Preacher Curl for effective isolation of the biceps. For greater comfort, adjustable seat provides optimal height and arm settings.

  • Two different heights for weight bar holding position. High resistant wear surfaces on the bar holder. No steel on steel contact, extending the life of your bars.

  • H 029 Seated Calf Raise for effective isolation of the calves, with maximum comfort as the pivoting seat is on same axis as the lever arm. Fixed knee pads.

  • The Adjustable Abdominal Board strengthens and firms stomach and lower back muscles. Adjustable to various angles. Featuring knee lift device which is equally easy to use by both tall and short users.