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Strength Equipment

Commercial Strength Equipment:

The extensive LUXLINE Range of strength training equipment is ergonomically designed and engineered to exercise all the major muscle groups of the body. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of the strength equipment. Zest Fitness insists in maintaining absolute control over every step of the production process. The final result ensures that maximum performance of the LUXLINE Range is achieved without sacrificing quality, aesthetics, comfort or durability.

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  • Free standing robust multi purpose bench (adjustable bench) with user friendly pull pin for backrest and seat angle adjustment. Ease of movement with added wheels and handle.

    R 5,900.00 Excl. VAT
  • Olympic Trap Bar (Deadlift Bar), with chrome sleeves which are 50mm in diameter. The centre grip of the Olympic Bar is 25mm in diameter made of high carbon steel. Olympic Trap Bar weighs 25kg. Made for heavy duty lifting. 

  • Adjustable Bench with 8 possible incline angle options between flat and upright positions on the backrest. Seat position is fixed.

  • 1 Tier Dumbbell Rack accommodates up to 5 pairs of dumbbells. Tier angled for comfort with rubber saddles for excellent weight support.

  • 2 Tier Square Dumbbell Rack accommodates up to 10 pairs of dumbbells. Tiers angled for comfort with rubber saddles for excellent weight support.

  • Behind Neck Bench Press for effective shoulder development. Steady bench with spotter’s platform. Optional footrest for additional body support.

  • Decline bench press with spotter facility with raised foot platform for convenience. Fully adjustable for effective form and comfort.

  • Standing Leg Curl offers complete isolation of the hamstrings. Adjustable roller and leg support pads allow knee-joint alignment with cam axis.

  • 45 Degree Pull Facility for a complete back workout. Effectively strengthens upper and lower back. Variety of optional handles.

  • Vertical Seated Row isolates upper back muscles. Multi grip lever arm & adjustable seat & chest pad creates proper body alignment for a full range of motion.

  • Highly effective for strengthening and rehabilitation of lower back.

  • 25kg Rebel Black Bumper plate with it’s heavy-duty, odourless, and high-quality rubber compound allows these bumper plates to be used for all forms of Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit WoDs and all high-rep workouts, comfortably allowing them to be dumped without concern of damage or excessive and unsafe bounce.

Showing 1–12 of 112 results

Why choose zest fitness?

Flexibility in design and manufacture of gym equipment to meet individual's needs. Gym Equipment Repairs, Refurbishment and Customisation. Commitment to after-sales service and supply of Hand-built fitness equipment with attention to detail and excellent workmanship. Made In South Africa.


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