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  • Wall Mounted Dipping Station, securely mounted with 4 wall mounted screws.  V-Shaped mounted bars. Manufactured in South Africa.

  • Wall Mounted Chinning Bar with non slip grip, securely mounted with 4 wall mounted screws. Curved knurled and chromed bar for extra versatility during chin ups or pull ups.

  • Dip Exercise Machine. V mounted bars allow narrow and wide grip exercises.

  • Stable, free standing unit designed for chin ups.

  • Stable, free standing space-saving multi-purpose exercise unit designed for dips and chin ups.

  • Hip Flexion (leg raise), dipping and chinning combo unit.

  • Small Two-step podium designed for an aerobic two-step workout. Comes in 3 different sizes small, medium & large. For group as well as individual training.