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Strength Equipment

Commercial Strength Equipment:

The extensive LUXLINE Range of strength training equipment is ergonomically designed and engineered to exercise all the major muscle groups of the body. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of the strength equipment. Zest Fitness insists in maintaining absolute control over every step of the production process. The final result ensures that maximum performance of the LUXLINE Range is achieved without sacrificing quality, aesthetics, comfort or durability.

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  • Sissy Squat for effective isolation of the quadriceps. Leg rest adjustable with user friendly pull pin, to ensure comfort and stability during exercise. Heavy duty steel construction.

  • Adjustable Decline Bench achieves the desirable, decline angle by raising the seat.

  • Olympic Trap Bar (Deadlift Bar), with chrome sleeves which are 50mm in diameter. The centre grip of the Olympic Bar is 25mm in diameter made of high carbon steel. Olympic Trap Bar weighs 25kg. Made for heavy duty lifting. 

    R 4,900.00 Excl. VAT

  • Hyper extension for back extensions, adjustable lower roller support provides stabilisation throughout exercise.

  • Roman chair for use in strengthening and firming abdominal muscles.

  • Olympic Super Deadlift Bar comes with chrome sleeves, which are 50mm in diameter.

  • Incline bench (90 degree bench) with footrest. Footrest provides stability during exercise. Angled seat position ensures comfort.

  • Adjustable vertically and horizontally on the same plane. Add a bench and a lifting platform for additional exercises. Such as bench presses, deadlifts, squats…

  • All purpose bench. Heavy duty steel construction.

  • Adjustable Bench with 8 possible incline angle options between flat and upright positions on the backrest. Seat position is fixed.

  • The Landmine is a ground-based rotational training device, that works the entire body. Perform explosive 1 and 2 arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any olympic-size bar into the 12″ pivoting sleeve at the unit’s base. A 4″ sleeve holds a standard bar. Portable for use in or out of the weight room. Includes handle for easy transport. Made from solid steel.

  • Hammer Curl Bar with chrome sleeves which are 50mm in diameter (olympic). A durable, robust bar to withstand heavy gym use.

Showing 37–48 of 117 results

Why choose zest fitness?

Flexibility in design and manufacture of gym equipment to meet individual's needs. Gym Equipment Repairs, Refurbishment and Customisation. Commitment to after-sales service and supply of Hand-built fitness equipment with attention to detail and excellent workmanship. Made In South Africa.


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