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Plate Loaded

Plate Loaded Machines… Zest Fitness is the number #1 strength equipment manufacturer in South Africa and a leading developer of plate loaded machines. Browse our full plate loaded machine catalog below and click any product to see a full description, product specification, photos and more.

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  • For effective back development with multiple hand-grip positions and raised footrest. T- Bar rowing exercises with 25mm or 50mm diameter loading bar.

  • For effective back development with multiple handgrip positions and angled footrest. Rowing exercises with 25mm or 50mm diameter loading bar.

  • Seated Calf Raise for effective isolation of the calves, with maximum comfort as the pivoting seat is on same axis as the lever arm, ensuring consistency between thighs and adjustable knee pads.

  • Firms and develops thighs, hips, and gluteal muscles. Three conveniently situated release levels and safety stops. Main safety: carriage must be lifted before weight can be released. Adjustable backrest enhances comfort and promotes variable training. Two loading bars (25mm or 50mm diameter) and four storage sleeves.

  • Ideal for training without assistance. Heavy duty safety catches at 100mm intervals. Convenient side storage for weights to keep them off the floor. Weight loading bar available in 25mm or 50mm diameter.

  • Saving you space, combining 2 popular units into one: Incline Leg Press and Hack Squat (45 Degree) with 1 loading bar and 4 storage sleeves. Ease of use switching between incline leg press and hack squat with convenient side release and safety stop levers.

  • Heavy Duty Smith Machine with improved bar stability as well as counter weight balancing. Ideal for use in High Performance Centres.