Multi Functional Wall Unit with bench

Multi Functional Wall Unit

Key Function: Modular Multi Functional Wall Unit perfectly suited for home, corporate, hotel and commercial gyms.

Key Features: Buy one multi functional wall column and expand on it over time. A completely modular system.

Comes standard with:

  • 2X Multi Functional Wall Columns (uprights)
  • Chinning bar
  • 2X Safety Support Arms 
  • 3X Stretch bars (cross beams)
  • Adjustable Bench (Z1118)
  • 6ft Standard weight bar
  • 4X 5kg standard weight plates
  • 2X 2,5kg standard weight plates
  • pair of spring collars

Additional attachments can be added over time:

  • Boxing bag / strap attachment arm
  • Dipping bar – fixed
  • Dipping bar – collapsible 
  • Stepping platform
  • Battle rope anchor
  • Grappler / landmine
  • Weighted pulley attachment

For a 2 column setup (as pictured above) Zest Fitness suggests, a space with 3 meter width and a minimum height of 2.5 meters.

The depth should be sufficient for you to apply your workout in front of the unit. For instance battle rope exercises will require more space than squats or bench presses. 


Pricing as of 1 February 2021 (pricing Excl. VAT)


  • Multi Functional Wall Unit Column                      R4,675.00
  • Safety support arms (pair)                                       R2,145.00
  • Chinning bar                                                               R2,145.00
  • Dipping bar (fixed)                                                    R2,145.00
  • Dipping bar (collapsible)                                          R2,750.00
  • Grappler / landmine                                                  R2,145.00
  • Battle rope anchor                                                      R    715.00
  • Boxing bag / strap attachment arm                        R1,045.00
  • Stepping platform                                                       R1,045.00
  • Stretch bar                                                                    R   385.00
  • Weighted pulley                                                          R   900.00


* More attachments in development.


Multi Functional Wall Unit