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Heavy Duty Power Rack

R 81,650.00

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Heavy Duty High Performance Power Rack with platform and heavy duty multi-purpose bench.

  • Heavy Duty Power Rack  R 56,005.00
  • Power Rack Platform.      R 17,480.00
  • Heavy Duty Power Rack with Platform and Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Bench R 81,650.00



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Heavy Duty Power Rack

Product Code: Z8077/P

Key Function: High Performance Heavy Duty Power Rack for professional athletes. Strength and conditioning equipment.

Key Features:

Specs & Dimensions:

  • 1X Pair Olympic Bar Support (J-hooks)
  • 1X Pair Spotter Arms
  • Spotter Platform (Easily stored, when not used)
  • 1X Pair Safety Catch
  • 2X Olympic Bar Storage Holders
  • 8X Olympic Weight-plate Storage Sleeves
  • 12X Hooks for rubber strap support for extra resistance
  • Chinning Bar
  • Bamboo Weightlifting Platform with rubberised sides
  • heavy duty tubular frame
  • made from 4.5mm gauged steel
  • (L) 2100mm (W) 1750mm (H) 2500mm