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Specialised Fitness Equipment

Mobile Team Training System (MTTS)

In association with Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Zest Fitness designed a Mobile Team Training System. The MTTS is housed in a shipping container, that has been transformed into a complete training system. These containers are very mobile and can be transported via truck, train or ship to its destination. The MTTS is placed next to the training field and contains a mini-gym and other pieces of fitness equipment for training.

The doors of the container have been redesigned to slide open and the fitness equipment is easily extracted to create a conditioning circuit. Depending on how the circuit is structured, the trainer can decide which components of fitness to train. Olympic lifts, resistance training, plyometric, speed, agility and aerobic endurance training can all be completed with the fitness equipment provided.

What makes the MTTS unique is that 50 players can train simultaneously and 4 to 5 rugby teams can train in the same day at different times.

A gym in a box, easily transported and offering the ability to train 50 players at a time.

33rd Mobile Team Training System rolls out in Springbok

“The MTTS is invaluable when it comes to the development of rugby players in the rural areas, where there is a shortage of equipment,” said Jurie Roux, CEO of SARU.


Container Gym Copy
Container Gym Equipment

Shipping Container Gyms

The Intelligence LINE

Artificial Personal Trainer

With the Intelligence LINE from emotion fitness you can build various training systems with different levels of complexity. You can start with a small system and then grow it over time.

With a well-planned system you can reduce your staff costs, simplify administrative efforts and most importantly, offer premium workout conditions.


The Chipcard System:

Every machine is equipped with a chipcard reader. Each customer will get a personal member card that contains his/her personal training data. The customer inserts the chipcard into the reader and the training will start immediately or – if needed – necessary adjustments will be indicated at the monitor (e.g. training position, weight). All results will be saved as accumulated or average values and displayed at the unit or can be transferred to the motion training manager software at the PC, where an evaluation can take place as well. If further services of your installation shall be integrated the card is being used as an identification tool, so that consumption at the bar or the use of additional training equipment can be charged automatically.

The Transponder System:

With this system every customer gets an individual transponder, which is simply being used to identify the user at the particular machine. The workout data will then be transferred from the PC to the unit via a wireless network. Once the training is completed the results will also be transferred wirelessly to the PC.


As a reliable training companion the Console controls the training.

The motion cardio line 800 / 800 med works with an identical console, with identical menu navigation.

Easy workout at the weight machine:

The Console is an independent system that guides through and documents the weight machine workout. A sensor measures the speed and range of movement.

The monitor unit displays the actual movement of the user and – where required – compares it to set values. By this, the training movement can be guided according to the trainer’s parameters.

Relevant data such as sets and repetitions, breaks, training weight and positioning settings as well as the range of movement can be saved at the end of each workout.

The Console does not need an external power supply and can be mounted to almost every plate based weight machine.

Intelligence LINE Console
Intelligent line

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